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Before we dive into the photos, I’d like to celebrate the fact that this is our 26th weekly photo, or in other words, half way to our first year! Time flies. It’s been a wild ride so far – a lot of work, a lot learning, and a lot of reward. We say it a lot and we mean it: thanks to all of our friends, family, and fans for joining us.

Time Times Four

Time Times Four by Mandy

“There are four examples of ‘time’ in this photo (hah, I did ‘time’ times four). See if you can identify all four before you read the rest of this paragraph. This is our friend, Dan, reading a lovely news magazine on his deck. I had a really hard time trying to conceptualize a ‘time’ photograph so I decided to photograph four of them in one photo.

Can you see them yet? It’s the TIME magazine, his watch, the progressive growth of his corn plants, and the last one is a bit of a stretch but it’s the tree trunk that he is sitting on. I’m sure most of you know that tree trunk rings tell a tree’s age, which is a fact that I always found very cool.” –M

Sunset Strips

Sunset Strips by Brent

Welcome back to my apartment ceiling, this time for an evening sunset. I took this photo, or really, these 11 photos over the course of an hour to try to show the evolution of color in the sky as time passed. Mandy and I played Cribbage while waiting.

My birthday is just two weeks away and it seems as if Mandy’s topic was meant to poke fun…