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su•per•im•pose |so͞opərimˈpōz|
verb [ with obj. ]
place or lay (one thing) over another, typically so that both are still evident: the number will appear on the screen, superimposed on a flashing button | (as adj. superimposed) : different stone tools were found in superimposed layers.

A Window to the Past

A Window to the Past by Brent

“Welcome to Pike Place Market circa 1919, nine years before the iconic “Public Market Center” neon sign was added. For this shot, I dug up and printed a photograph from Seattle Municipal Archives Photograph Collection. The skyline has grown and the cars have changed shape but the market has carried on its tradition of selling local produce and seafood for the last century.” – B

Bringing Dusty to the Park

Bringing Dusty to the Park by Mandy

Some of you know that I have an adorable lionhead dwarf rabbit named Dusty. This is about as close as I can get to bringing her to a park. I’ve tried to take her out and it was not a good idea. I took this picture of Dusty against a tapestry hanging in my living room wall with my Fujifilm Instax camera and walked to Cal Anderson Park in Capitol Hill to place her amongst the grass. I like to think that if she had the opportunity, she would stop and smell the flowers. Let this be a little reminder that there are bits of beauty everywhere, if you know where to look.

Brent chose a topic for next week:


So meta.