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The Seven Deadly Sins

This week, you chose the subject! Thanks again to all of our friends, family, and fans who submitted ideas. And a special thanks again to Francis Yao for the winning suggestion, The Seven Deadly Sins.

But seven is too many. Too deadly. So instead, Mandy and I each brought you two. Enjoy!

Southern Appetite

Gluttony: Southern Appetite by Mandy

“When I think of gluttony, I either think of a car filled with fast food garbage, or a magnificent feast of all the delicious things. I chose to portray the latter, though I was tempted to make a hilarious photo described by the former. I went on Yelp and searched for ‘BBQ ribs’ and found Manna’s Texas Style Smoked BBQ. After I took this photo, we feasted and it was glorious.” – M

Don't Walk Down This Alley

Wrath: Don’t Walk Down This Alley by Mandy

“This photo may look worthy of someone with a serious case of wrath, but we couldn’t stop laughing when we took this photo. You can imagine what it would look like for an unsuspecting passerby witnessing some girl jabbing a bloody broken bottle at a photographer in an alley. We accidentally scared the neighborhood cat who was too curious about our shenanigans with our uncontrollable cackling. I bought a six pack of Corona and carefully broke the bottle, then made some fake blood with a few simple kitchen ingredients. I think this photo may make my personal favorites list.

Thank you to my dear friend Natalie for being such a great sport about modeling for me. It was a fun (and delicious) day.” –M

The Grass is Always Greener

Envy: The Grass is Always Greener by Brent

Envy took me to the land of Legos… which apparently is in the Bellevue mall. Mandy helped me assemble this contrast of rich and poor (quite literally) and I was lucky enough to find a couple of $100 Lego bills in a box of miscellaneous bricks.

A Glutton for Cupcakes

Gluttony: A Glutton for Cupcakes by Brent

For the second week in a row, I was happy to pair photography with my sweet tooth. I identify well with gluttony, and I did my best to capture it in Mandy’s hungry eyes. The pink one on the right with sprinkles was the tastiest.

Next week’s subject should be a whirlwind. Brace yourselves for…


– B