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Am I a Nurse Yet?

Am I a Nurse Yet? by Mandy

“It took me a couple of years during my undergraduate journey at University to discover that my true calling was in the profession of nursing. I wish I could say I knew from the beginning that it was what I wanted to do but it takes some trial and tribulation to realize how much your dream is worth. I didn’t actually get to start my nursing journey until after I graduated from UCSB but I found a new sense of motivation and purpose.

I was ‘pinned’ two days ago. Two years of burying myself in nursing textbooks, tons of scantrons, dozens of health assessments, lending a hand in the miracle of birth, holding a premature infants hand, talking down a patient in psychosis, and taking many walks down the hospital hallway, I am now done for the time being.

One more test, to get my license, and I will officially be Mandy M. Wong RN.

I couldn’t have done it without my incredible support system.” –M

We’re all incredibly proud of you Mandy. You’ve got the look down, and we’re all excited for you to make that title official.


Selfie-bombing by Brent

Two for the price of one! I set up this charming little number by rearranging my living room, using the remote shutter a couple of times, and photoshopping it all together. Those with keen eyes can probably tell my Photoshop skills are a wee bit rusty. And that I probably should’ve shaved this morning.

Mandy chose next week’s topic, and I present it to you in a riddle:

Why was the obtuse angle upset?
Because he was never right.

Figure it out? It’s Geometry.