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Love in Red

Love in Red by Mandy

“Brent and I had the pleasure of attending our friends’ Doug and Dona’s wedding. Held at the famed Cuoco restaurant by Tom Douglas (one of their favorite chefs), the reception was filled with fragrant red roses, the bride was wearing a stunning red gown that she designed herself, and the scrumptious cake was topped with beautiful red flowers. Doug and Dona are two of the most charismatic people I’ve ever met, and dually talented as well. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful day with us, Doug and Dona!” –M

3-Ball, Corner Pocket

3-Ball, Corner Pocket by Brent

As I do on a pretty regular basis, I found myself at the local pool hall this weekend with a few friends. It’s rare that I use models in my photos, but this one seemed like it was warranted to bring some intensity, and also to show my perspective as I cream Skyler at pool.

Doug and Dona’s wedding helped inspire Mandy to choose an under-represented format of photography. Next week, we’ll be taking photos as if from a…

Photo Booth.