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Pike and Broadway by Brent

“It’s a sad reality that my neighborhood streets are the home to a lot of homeless. I snapped this shot three blocks from my apartment facing the sunset. The man’s sign read ‘Hotchoclat Money Food’.” –B


Waiting for Bread by Mandy

I ventured into the Pioneer Square neighborhood in downtown Seattle to capture the overwhelmingly large impoverished population in photographs. I was out of my comfort zone not because of where I was, but because I struggled with the act of photographing those who might not want to be photographed. I definitely felt that I had to push myself to be open to being seen; I felt like an invader. I did manage to get several photographs that I think emulate some of the culture of Pioneer Square.

This photo of a homeless man was taken behind Bread of Life, which is an organization that helps the needy by providing temporary housing, food, clothing, and a safe place to learn skills to enable them to transition from homelessness into mainstream society. I heard about this organization through a nursing friend of mine, and I remember thinking that this place sounded like a great resource and safe haven for those who are less fortunate.

Brent chose a topic for this next week that is pretty broad. Not sure what direction he plans on taking with it, but here it is: