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Outtakes – Volume 3

Before we dive into the outtake shots for the previous month, Mandy and I have a request for our friends, family, and fans. We’d like to involve everyone in picking new weekly topics for the blog!

Here’s how to help: Get in contact with us either by responding to this blog post in the comments section below (no signup required) or by messaging us on Facebook, and tell us what you’d like us to photograph. Topics can be as specific or as abstract as you like. Mandy and I will collect all the results and reveal our favorites next week.

Thanks for playing along, and as always – thanks for viewing!

Week 9 – Green


“I had my heart set on taking a photo of our poppy plants for the topic ‘green’ , but as Brent and I were eating lunch on the couch one afternoon, I looked over and realized his face would help me accomplish taking an awesome photo. I ultimately chose the poppy plant over his eyes, but I’m glad I got to feature them in this week’s outtakes! ” –M

Week 10 – Imaginary


“Imaginary” was the topic I chose for week 10, and after doing so, I was at a loss for ideas. The photo above was my first attempt to create something interesting, and while it was fun to try some indoor light graffiti, and while I think the shot nailed the theme a bit better than my actual selection, I still wasn’t satisfied with the results. The imaginary light person was too much of a couch hog.

Week 11 – Superimpose


Mandy’s submission for “Superimpose” featured a photo of her pet rabbit taken on her Fujifilm Instax camera. The photo above, taken at Pike Place Market, used the same technique and equipment, but with my severed torso as her target instead. Mandy made me stand still for several minutes while she framed this one just right and waited for random passersby to clear out.


My selection for “Superimpose” was taken just around the corner from the shot above. When I was setting up beforehand, I found two old images that I thought would work well. The one featured in the photo above is from the mid-1970s and shows off the market sign as we know it today.

Week 13 – Inconspicuous


Perhaps still channeling her energy from the earlier “Green” topic, Mandy snapped this “Inconspicuous” outtake at Discovery Park. The little cups are called, “Urnula craterium” or “Devil’s Urn”. They are not only inconspicuous, but mysterious and deadly sounding.

Week 1 – Clean

Here’s a throwback all the way from our first week of blogging. As the site grew, I wanted to gain more viewership by adding my pictures to my own personal site as well as Facebook. Upon posting my Clean picture to Facebook, I was presented with this dialog:

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 2.01.46 PM



Outtakes: Volume 2

Oh, how the time flies by! It’s been four weeks since the first outtakes post – time for the second installment. Once again, the following photos are a combination of “behind the scenes” shots and alternative theme selections.

Week 5 – Poverty


Mandy snapped this shot just around the corner from her original selection near Bread of Life in Pioneer Square.

Week 6 – One

Mandy had lots of great candidates for this theme (including a cameo from me):



Seattle is home to more than a few one way streets, and also to a handful of these wonderful sign alterations.

Week 7 – Liquid

Sometimes Mandy and I keep our photo subjects (and final edited shots) a secret until just before we post them. Other times, we ask each other for help. For my liquid shot, Mandy ran the ink while I shot the cup and bottle.



One drop escaped. Miniature Rorschach test perhaps?


Before Mandy moved on to shoot milk and cookies, she first captured the complex atmosphere inside of a simple cup of coffee.

Week 8 – Transportation


I originally scouted out the Dr. Jose Rizal Bridge as the spot for my transportation photo. While my final shot was taken instead in the nearby park, I did take some time to shoot the evening rush hour traffic.

Between us, we shot photos planes, boats, cars, and trucks. Mandy rounded out the list with these shots inside of a bus and the Westlake train station:



Thanks to everyone who has liked, commented on, or just plain viewed our photos. We’re blown away by all the love we’ve received from fans.



Outtakes: Volume 1

Mandy and I are now a month into our photo adventure, and it’s been a blast! While we’ve only presented four photos each so far, we’ve taken far more than that.

Today, I wanted to share some of the outtakes and behind-the-scenes shots from our first month of photography.

Week 1 – Clean


This shot didn’t quite make the cut, but it did demonstrate the theme pretty well.


Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how I took my photos.

photo 1

Mandy’s first attempt was taken in the shower.

Week 3 – Flight

As I said in the original post, I had thrown the same paper airplane at my camera over fifty times. Here’s a few of them.


This was my proof of concept shot, with my brother nearby for support.


An extreme close-up: it’s pretty cool how I managed to capture the plane in focus, but the motion blur and the position of the plane made this one a reject.

Week 4 – Reflection


I had a tough time choosing my final image. For the topic, this shot was a bit more obvious and deliberate, and the symmetry was cool, but I ultimately chose against it.

Mandy managed to capture a whole bunch of interesting reflection shots. Here are some of the best.


For this one, Mandy zoomed in on the mirror making for a fun outdoor self-portrait.


The orientation of this photo makes for a slightly disorienting, yet really enchanting illusion. Mandy suggested that the tree was reaching out for its reflection.


Last (but certainly not least), Mandy captured a couple of squirrels who looked as if they were looking at their own reflections.

As we dig deeper into the year and cover more topics, I’ll post more outtakes. If readers are interested, I may also post on our gear and favorite photo spots.