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Pianist at Post Alley

Pianist at Post Alley by Mandy

“Brent and I wandered around downtown in search for my photo. I took a bunch of shots before we decided to head back home. As we were walking through Pike Place, Brent mentioned how the pianist on the corner was quite talented. The talent around downtown really is remarkable. It’s hard not to feel inspired simply by strolling around and being observant of the world around us.”  –M

Granny Gala

Granny Gala by Brent

My interpretation of “one” was “one of many”. The produce section at the local grocery store is home to vivid colors, so I figured it would make a great subject. Mandy and I trekked into QFC late at night to avoid crowds and protective employees, and I snapped this shiny shot. I bought an apple on the way out for good karma.

It’s already been six weeks since we started. Time is flying! Mandy picked next week’s topic…