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Cap Hill Block Party by Brent

Cap Hill Block Party by Brent

“Welcome to my front yard. Welcome to Capitol Hill Block Party. Every year in July, the entire street I live on is taken over for a weekend for a musical festival of epic proportions. There are four stages with artists playing from morning to night. I was given free admission because my apartment is so close, and I took advantage by slipping in for a few quick shots of the main stage. The group playing here was Odesza.” –B

From Burundi to Capitol Hill by Mandy

A Blue Coffee Shop on Capitol Hill by Mandy

Not only is Seattle commonly known for its dreary skies and greenery, but it is also known for it’s coffee culture. These are just a few things that made me gravitate toward moving here from California. Capitol Hill is a growing, vibrant, progressive, and culturally rich neighborhood in Seattle that I have grown to love. When you live in a neighborhood with so much to offer, you begin to curate a small list of your favorite spots. Victrola Coffee Roasters is a sweet little gem of a place with much to offer. They are one of the very many independent coffee companies that roast their own beans in store and supply to local vendors. I find myself spending hours here munching on delicious biscuits and sipping endless cups of coffee. Located right on the edge of downtown, it’s a fun place to people watch. If you ever find yourself walking up Pike Street into the neighborhood, stop in and buy a cup of coffee, chat with one of the lovely baristas here (like Angelique in the photo above), and soak in the comfort that you’ll only find at a place such as this.

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