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Bottled Beads

Bottled Beads by Brent

“My idea for this week comes from a tutorial on 500px. Beads of ink are suspended in vegetable oil, and a little bit of manipulation in Lightroom makes the yellow hue fade away. I’d like to add more colors or items into the mix next time.” –B

Perfect Pair by Mandy

Perfect Pair by Mandy

I have to be honest and tell all of you that when I was trying to think of a topic last week, I was craving milk and cookies. Thus, the topic of “liquid” was born. My favorite pairing is a mint Oreo cookie dipped in milk, but I think chocolate chip cookies are more photogenic.

Brent chose a topic for next week that has already given me tons of ideas. I can’t wait to see what ideas are stirring in his head!