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Tea for Two

Tea for Two by Mandy

“Meet Lily. She is the sweet seven year-old daughter of my friend, Val, who is a follower of our blog. Never will you meet a more energetic, charismatic, sweet, and imaginative little one. When I was contemplating ideas for this topic, I was really stumped. Luckily, my best friend Leanne texted me one night and couldn’t wait to tell me her idea of an “imaginary friend” (thanks Leanne!). Here is Lily having tea with her imaginary friend.” –M

Self Portrait

Self Portrait by Brent

Let me start this one off clarifying that when Mandy and I choose topics, it doesn’t mean that we have ideas in mind. This is especially true this week. After picking “imaginary”, I took a step back and thought, “What have I done!?” I had a really hard time with this topic, and even in the end, my result was only loosely related.

With that out of the way, I present to you: my self portrait! The idea was to transform myself into a cartoon-like state. Cartoons are imaginary, right? The idea of sketching out portions of a photograph comes straight from the incredibly talented Sébastien Del Grosso, and it’s certainly a technique I plan to use in the future.

After rearranging the furniture in my apartment, I took this shot against a white wall using a 50mm lens and a remote shutter. In Photoshop, I masked away my arm and body, then used a Wacom tablet to sketch in the lines.

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