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Licorice by Mandy

“This photo was taken on my and Brent’s weekend trip to Olympic National Park near the Pacific Coast (no, Seattle is not on the coast). We were hiking through the Hoh Rainforest and Licorice (I named him, just now) caught our eye. It’s hard to miss a fat wriggly black slug against a bright green background isn’t it? This species is actually called Arion ater, part of the Arionidae family. Fun fact: People in Sweden used to use them to lubricate wooden axle-trees and carts. Sad life for the Arion ater back then…” –M


Bambi by Brent

Olympic National Park is home to both small and large creatures alike. Among the largest, we encountered both elk and deer. The ones in the park have become completely indifferent to humans and will allow people and cars to come as close as ten feet away. We met this one on the south side of Crescent Lake grazing on the grass in a field full of wildflowers. Mandy and I each approached it from different angles and I managed to get some good shots with the 70-300mm lens. As long as we’re naming the animals, why not “Bambi”?

When Mandy and I started this blog, the idea was to share photography with friends and family, but first and foremost to celebrate our own shared interest in photography. As a further celebration of ourselves, next week’s topic will be…


No duck face allowed.