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From My Happy Place

From My Happy Place by Mandy

“Brent and I flew to California to visit some friends and family this past week, and we had a blast. We are ready to head back to the rainy city and play with our kitty friend, Promo, whom we’ve missed so much. This photo was taken at my secret happy place. It’s always been a place of solitude for me at times of hardship and happiness while I was living in California. Less than a handful of those closest to me know of this place and I decided to take Brent here. Even though it was incredibly windy and rainy, we decided to venture here anyway and enjoyed the beach all to ourselves in the pouring rain. It was quite the adventure. Thank you to everyone who made time to spend with us.” –M

75 and Breezy

75 and Sunny by Brent

Maybe it’s the midwesterner in me coming out, but some of the greatest contrasts I always saw from California to my home state of Minnesota were the palm trees, red adobe roofs, and the perfect weather. While this photo wasn’t my most technical accomplishment ever, nor the most creative or artistic, it certainly embodies in my mind what California life is like. The shot was taken across the street from the beautiful Crystal Cove State Park in Laguna Beach.

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