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Bloom In Hand

Bloom In Hand by Mandy

“I took an afternoon trip to the Volunteer Park Conservatory in Seattle with my friend Natalie, and her visitor from Texas, Sebastian. It was over 90 degrees out and it probably wasn’t the ideal time to hang out in a greenhouse for the afternoon, but I managed to capture some cool photos of unique summer blossoms. Funny enough, the blossom that I decided to feature in this week’s blog post is a flower of little significance in comparison to the great variety that this conservatory offered. I much prefer to look at the little flowers that no one else seems to notice. Unfortunately, half of the conservatory is currently under renovation so I didn’t get to check out any of the succulents that take residency here. This only gives me an excuse to go back.” –M

Stand Tall

Stand Tall by Brent

As Mandy was posting last week’s photos, I was in a car headed to the Teanaway area in central Washington for a three day backpacking/camping trip with some friends. The guy who organized the trip had promised wide open fields of freshly-blooming wildflowers contrasting the mountains surrounding us. Choosing “bloom” would make me a shoe-in for the best photo for the week! …and then we arrived only to find that we had missed the prime blooming cycle by a week. The flowers still standing were mostly missing petals and were sparse in the grassy fields. Worse yet, attempting to photograph them meant braving the indigenous mosquito population.

This shot was taken on the third day of the trip on the six-mile hike back to the car. It was taken at 6:30am in the soft light of the sun as it peaked over Mt. Stuart and through the trees. It’s not the most creative or anywhere near the best flower shot I’ve ever taken, but it does give a tiny indication of the incredible beauty that can be found in Washington’s wildernesses. I’m excited to do more hikes and to visit more places around the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle residents know that each district and neighborhood has its own personality and each tells its own story. And when Seattle summers shape up to be as spectacular as this, it’s only fitting that Mandy wants to share our neighborhood by keeping next week’s topic…