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Introducing Dusty, my new roommate. Ever since I met Mandy, I’ve been shooting pictures of this fluffball. What better subject for sheandi!

Dust Bunny

Dust Bunny by Mandy

“I’ve had Dusty ever since the first time I spotted her at a Newport Beach mall down in California five years ago. The moment I saw this adorable lionhead dwarf bunny, I knew her name would be Dusty because she looks just like… well, a dust bunny. She’s quite the sassy creature and she loves to explore the world around her, including other furry creatures like Promo. They’ve been ‘getting along’ nicely (in other words, they haven’t killed each other).” –M


Home by Brent

Dusty has a small black dome she calls home. When she’s not eating cardboard boxes or bouncing around the living room, this is where she spends her time. The tiny nose and lips, in my opinion, are what put this photo over the top of the adorable meter.

I’ll introduce next week’s topic, chosen by Mandy, with a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche:
“All credibility, all good conscience, all evidence of truth come only from the senses.”