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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: rock climbing. As Mandy mentioned last week, neither of us are avid sports fans, but we participate in lots of sports activities ourselves. Perhaps our favorite shared activity is indoor rock climbing (bouldering to be exact). And because we often rock climb together, we decided we could shoot our photos together.

Mandy and I have been climbing together for a little more than a year, working our way through increasingly difficult routes. The goal is to climb to the top using only the same colored hand and foot holds, and it can get really tricky. It’s easy to fall into an addiction to bouldering; the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top is exhilarating.

Those Guns

Those Guns by Mandy

That Hair

That Hair by Brent

Mandy and I are venturing to Western Washington into the land of Olympic National Park. It only makes sense that she would like to highlight our time together with next week’s topic:



Smoke, fog, and steam


Enchantment by Mandy

“This photo was taken at the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle. It’s a beautiful place to wander, especially on a rainy day like today. I asked my friend Marika to venture with me and pose for an enchanting photo. Magical isn’t it? Actually, it’s just some dry ice that I got for a surprisingly cheap price at the local QFC (that’s the grocery store here for all you folks who don’t live in Washington). Brings me back to my sixth birthday when my parents got me an ice cream cake with dry ice. I’ve always really loved the effect.” –M

Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors by Brent

It looks like this is another week where I got my ass kicked. This subject was a lot harder than I thought it would be! I had a great idea to do a double exposure combining smoke stacks and a foresty scene, but, much to my surprise, there are no smoke stacks anywhere near Seattle. I guess that’s a good thing. The industrial age ended and took my photo idea along with it. So, I bring you instead a photo that perhaps isn’t worth a thousand words, but at least has a play on words. Too bad the internet doesn’t have scratch-and-sniff: the incense smelled great.

Mandy’s subject for next week:

♪ Music. Sounds good.

– B


Thank you to everyone for submitting a topic suggestion! There were some close contenders, but we ultimately chose: The Seven Deadly Sins, by Francis Yao! We think that this topic will be incredibly fun to do. However, tackling all seven sins would prove to be too challenging and this topic is just too fun to pick only one. We have both decided to do two sins each, one chosen by the other and the second as our own pick.

Now, back to this week’s topic: Texture.

Take a Closer Look by Brent

Take a Closer Look by Brent

“Textures come in all shapes and sizes. It is trees to a hillside, tread to a tire, or feathers to a bird. But when we zoom in a bit closer, we notice that some of the craziest landscapes are etched into common fruit. I planned this shot both as an interesting subject and as a tasty lunch.” –B

Sprinkles and Cake by Mandy

Sprinkles and Cake by Mandy

Photography has always been a passion of mine but so has baking. I’m more of a pie and cupcake kind of girl but occasionally I’ll try and tackle a cake. One of my fun aspirations for the distant future is to open up a cupcake shop once I retire from nursing (here’s to hoping!) One of the most important things about dessert, specifically cake, is the texture. I love incorporating different elements to any dessert; the moistness of the cake, the fluffy creaminess of the frosting, and the occasional sprinkle of fun.

Our sins for next week:

Brent: Envy and Gluttony

Mandy: Wrath and Gluttony

I think we may have mistaken this week for gluttony…



Beware of Cat by Brent

Beware of Cat by Brent

“Inspiration strikes at strange times. I was dreading this topic all week because I couldn’t come up with any ideas. It came down to the wire, but sure enough it struck: surely the internet needs more pictures of cats! I had to take my cat Promo (short for Prometheus) to the vet and he was curious about the carrier. The combination of a black cat and a dark space leaves the eyes to tell the story.” –B

Tiny Greenling

Tiny Greenling by Mandy

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been intrigued by the little details in life. That is probably the one thing I love most about photography- the inspiration to look a little deeper and a little more carefully at things most people would never notice. My style of photography has always centered around making the little things, well, greater. This photo was taken in Discovery Park in Seattle, which is my favorite park of all time with the exception of John Muir Woods in California. It really is one of the most inspiring and beautiful areas I’ve ever seen. I looked carefully at every little detail of every tree during my stroll and found this tiny greenling growing lonesome on a fallen tree trunk.

Brent and I are taking a vacation to visit our friends and my family this next week!

Guess where? It’s our next topic…