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To Me

To Me by Mandy

“Thinking about a scene that I wanted to recreate from a movie was not a very difficult task, especially around the holidays. I make it a point to watch ‘Love Actually’ once a year around this time and even persuaded Brent to watch it with me last year (unfortunate for him). While I’ll admit its not the best movie out there, it definitely evokes a sense of nostalgia and warm spirit. This is probably the most notable scene from the movie (but I won’t ruin it for you in case you ever want to watch). This photo was taken outside of an Italian restaurant where we had just finished eating our Christmas dinner.” –M

Holy Pie

Holy Pie by Brent

As usual, I picked the latest theme without an idea in mind. I would need to come up with a subject, and my own personal movie collection was the best place to go for inspiration. The one that caught my eye right away was American Pie. While highly perverted, I’d still consider the movie a strong classic, and certainly better than Love Actually. I figured I could take an easy (and entertaining) photo, or at the very worst, get a pie out of the deal. Mandy was gracious enough to whip one up amidst her busy pre-holiday schedule.

Mandy picked the perfect theme to bring our year in photos to a close:

She and I. Mandy and Brent. Us.