Hop in a car and drive Southwest from Seattle for a couple hours and you may stumble across the quaint Wynoochee Lake in Olympic National Forest. If you do, you’ll hear the sounds of laughter, crackling camp fires, and the pop of a beer can opening. It’s far enough from society to get the feeling of outdoors, but without the unpleasantries of mosquitoes and having to dig your own latrine. Mandy and I were invited camping with some friends here last weekend, and so I naturally saw fit to bring sheanditakepictures along for the ride.

More Smore's Please.

More Smore’s Please. by Mandy

You can see our friend Erik feeding our cozy campfire, with Lisa and Elli enjoying some hotdogs in the background. I’ll just be honest with you guys… I was too hungry to wait for dinner to be ready and I made a s’more as my appetizer, and then again later for dessert. It’s just too good. You can’t go camping without roasting marshmallows.

I’d love to go back again soon. Washington summers were made for weekends like this.” –M

Indoors in the Outdoors

Indoors in the Outdoors by Brent

G’mornin! Welcome to the forest floor, and to the most beautiful place I woke up this year. I brought my DSLR on this trip and took several more “photographically perfect” shots, but upon arriving home and processing my photos, this morning snapshot from my iPhone felt like it best embodied the spirit of camping. It’s tough to find this much green in the city!

Wallpaper, fabric, and fine china — some of the many possible subjects of next week’s topic: