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Introducing Dusty, my new roommate. Ever since I met Mandy, I’ve been shooting pictures of this fluffball. What better subject for sheandi!

Dust Bunny

Dust Bunny by Mandy

“I’ve had Dusty ever since the first time I spotted her at a Newport Beach mall down in California five years ago. The moment I saw this adorable lionhead dwarf bunny, I knew her name would be Dusty because she looks just like… well, a dust bunny. She’s quite the sassy creature and she loves to explore the world around her, including other furry creatures like Promo. They’ve been ‘getting along’ nicely (in other words, they haven’t killed each other).” –M


Home by Brent

Dusty has a small black dome she calls home. When she’s not eating cardboard boxes or bouncing around the living room, this is where she spends her time. The tiny nose and lips, in my opinion, are what put this photo over the top of the adorable meter.

I’ll introduce next week’s topic, chosen by Mandy, with a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche:
“All credibility, all good conscience, all evidence of truth come only from the senses.”



Change by Brent

Change by Brent

” ‘Patterns’ can be interpreted in a few ways. Unlike Mandy, I chose to try to show a sequence. Only a little bit of it fit in the frame. Can you still guess which one?” –B.

Patterns to Eat by Mandy

Patterns to Eat by Mandy

I struggled with this topic even though I was the one to choose it! I thought that it would be a really interesting idea to photograph because we see lots of patterns everyday but capturing something interesting enough in a photograph is harder to do. I walked around Seattle trying to find interesting patterns but nothing intrigued me enough. I started to eat some blueberries from the fridge and suddenly came up with the idea to photograph cut fruits and veggies. I love to cook and a small part of that is due to the fact that fresh ingredients are so aesthetically pleasing. This actually gave me an opportunity to eat dragon fruit and starfruit for the first time!

Brent and I have finally introduced Promo the cat and Dusty the bunny to each other this week. It’s a love-hate relationship but once in a while, they can be quite: adorable.


Hop in a car and drive Southwest from Seattle for a couple hours and you may stumble across the quaint Wynoochee Lake in Olympic National Forest. If you do, you’ll hear the sounds of laughter, crackling camp fires, and the pop of a beer can opening. It’s far enough from society to get the feeling of outdoors, but without the unpleasantries of mosquitoes and having to dig your own latrine. Mandy and I were invited camping with some friends here last weekend, and so I naturally saw fit to bring sheanditakepictures along for the ride.

More Smore's Please.

More Smore’s Please. by Mandy

You can see our friend Erik feeding our cozy campfire, with Lisa and Elli enjoying some hotdogs in the background. I’ll just be honest with you guys… I was too hungry to wait for dinner to be ready and I made a s’more as my appetizer, and then again later for dessert. It’s just too good. You can’t go camping without roasting marshmallows.

I’d love to go back again soon. Washington summers were made for weekends like this.” –M

Indoors in the Outdoors

Indoors in the Outdoors by Brent

G’mornin! Welcome to the forest floor, and to the most beautiful place I woke up this year. I brought my DSLR on this trip and took several more “photographically perfect” shots, but upon arriving home and processing my photos, this morning snapshot from my iPhone felt like it best embodied the spirit of camping. It’s tough to find this much green in the city!

Wallpaper, fabric, and fine china — some of the many possible subjects of next week’s topic:



Body Art

(art) by Brent

(art) by Brent

“It was a long week. I had ambitions and aspirations with this topic and they didn’t materialize. Sorry, fans. Instead, you get my gritty paw transformed into artwork by means of sharpie.” –B

Lucky by Mandy

Lucky by Mandy

I had my heart set on paying a visit to a highly admired tattoo artist’s workplace in the neighborhood to photograph a session but sadly things didn’t fall into place as I had hoped it would. Fortunately, this gave me a great opportunity to channel my love for typography! My friend Kendall and I have been studying for our NCLEX exam coming up this month and we took a study break so I could paint this little number on her back for the photo this week. It’s her favorite quote from Winnie the Pooh, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”. I absolutely love meaningful body art and I hope to one day get something like this of my own.

Brent and I are doing something very Washingtonian this weekend with some friends, which leads us to our topic for next week: camping.




Window by Mandy

“This is my right eye. I had to take 100+ pictures just to get the right one! Do you know how hard it is to take a macro shot of your eyeball just right? It’s hard.” –M


Buzz by Brent

The subject “Close” was a direct result of Mandy giving me a new toy for my birthday present – a set of external lenses for the iPhone camera called the Olloclip. It came with two depths of macro lenses which allow the iPhone to focus on incredibly close subjects. The same lens was used for both Mandy’s and my photo. I found this bee along the path on a Washington hike called Mailbox. When I took the picture, I was nearly touching him with the phone.

Mandy wants to make next week personal by capturing: body art. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it PG.