Twenty-Seven by Brent

Twenty-Seven by Brent

“I had some cool ideas for fantastically old things to photograph, but this week was busier than usual and I had to find an alternative. With that in mind, my interpretation of ‘Old’ is the fast approaching birthdays of both me and Mandy. We’ll both be turning 27 within the next month. That’s late twenties. That’s almost early thirties! That’s old. Wish us happy ones!” –B

Bug by Mandy

Bug by Mandy

There are many things in Seattle that I could have photographed that is old, but one thing that stands out to me in my mind is a vintage VW bug that is always parked somewhere around my old apartment. I didn’t get a chance to photograph it, but the top of the bug has a sign that lights up saying “not a taxi”. I always wondered what the story is with this car, but one thing is for sure: it’s OLD.

Brent is going backpacking this weekend with some buddies in The Enchantments and apparently all the wildflowers are making an appearance. I’d like to say that he has quite the advantage for the topic this week…



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  1. Ralph Traut

    “Old” is relative! I just turned 64 and have decided to retire on 9/30/2014. Starting to feel “Old”

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