Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: rock climbing. As Mandy mentioned last week, neither of us are avid sports fans, but we participate in lots of sports activities ourselves. Perhaps our favorite shared activity is indoor rock climbing (bouldering to be exact). And because we often rock climb together, we decided we could shoot our photos together.

Mandy and I have been climbing together for a little more than a year, working our way through increasingly difficult routes. The goal is to climb to the top using only the same colored hand and foot holds, and it can get really tricky. It’s easy to fall into an addiction to bouldering; the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top is exhilarating.

Those Guns

Those Guns by Mandy

That Hair

That Hair by Brent

Mandy and I are venturing to Western Washington into the land of Olympic National Park. It only makes sense that she would like to highlight our time together with next week’s topic: