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Three Ball, Corner Pocket by Brent

Three Ball, Corner Pocket by Brent

“When Mandy picked Geometry as a topic, my mind first went to angles, and what better demonstration of angles than billiards! Or perhaps I was just looking for an excuse to play. This shot was taken at The Garage, a pool hall just a couple blocks down from my apartment. Mandy and I, along with several friends, spend a lot of evenings here. It took several shots to get the streaks to look right, and a few more just because I didn’t make them all in.” –B

Rem Koolhaas's Seattle Masterpiece by Mandy

Rem Koolhaas’s Seattle Masterpiece by Mandy

Seattle’s Central Public Library is probably my favorite building in the city and I don’t think I need to explain why that is. The architectural beauty of the library is really inspiring to me. It opened in 2004 through the genius of Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. Eleven stories made of glass and steel, it has an innovative and modern feel to it. If you ever get a chance to go to this library, do yourself a favor and explore the interior; every floor has it’s own character. Read a book maybe?

Here is a video of the world’s record for longest book domino chain done in the Seattle Public Library that is worth watching!

I know a lot of you non-Seattleites have this notion that Seattle is doom and gloom all year long, but it’s actually all sunshine and breeze through the summer until 10pm and I enjoy it thoroughly. A technique used by many loving Seattle residents to keep people from finding out our secret. It’s funny how latitudes can change our perception of…




Am I a Nurse Yet?

Am I a Nurse Yet? by Mandy

“It took me a couple of years during my undergraduate journey at University to discover that my true calling was in the profession of nursing. I wish I could say I knew from the beginning that it was what I wanted to do but it takes some trial and tribulation to realize how much your dream is worth. I didn’t actually get to start my nursing journey until after I graduated from UCSB but I found a new sense of motivation and purpose.

I was ‘pinned’ two days ago. Two years of burying myself in nursing textbooks, tons of scantrons, dozens of health assessments, lending a hand in the miracle of birth, holding a premature infants hand, talking down a patient in psychosis, and taking many walks down the hospital hallway, I am now done for the time being.

One more test, to get my license, and I will officially be Mandy M. Wong RN.

I couldn’t have done it without my incredible support system.” –M

We’re all incredibly proud of you Mandy. You’ve got the look down, and we’re all excited for you to make that title official.


Selfie-bombing by Brent

Two for the price of one! I set up this charming little number by rearranging my living room, using the remote shutter a couple of times, and photoshopping it all together. Those with keen eyes can probably tell my Photoshop skills are a wee bit rusty. And that I probably should’ve shaved this morning.

Mandy chose next week’s topic, and I present it to you in a riddle:

Why was the obtuse angle upset?
Because he was never right.

Figure it out? It’s Geometry.




Licorice by Mandy

“This photo was taken on my and Brent’s weekend trip to Olympic National Park near the Pacific Coast (no, Seattle is not on the coast). We were hiking through the Hoh Rainforest and Licorice (I named him, just now) caught our eye. It’s hard to miss a fat wriggly black slug against a bright green background isn’t it? This species is actually called Arion ater, part of the Arionidae family. Fun fact: People in Sweden used to use them to lubricate wooden axle-trees and carts. Sad life for the Arion ater back then…” –M


Bambi by Brent

Olympic National Park is home to both small and large creatures alike. Among the largest, we encountered both elk and deer. The ones in the park have become completely indifferent to humans and will allow people and cars to come as close as ten feet away. We met this one on the south side of Crescent Lake grazing on the grass in a field full of wildflowers. Mandy and I each approached it from different angles and I managed to get some good shots with the 70-300mm lens. As long as we’re naming the animals, why not “Bambi”?

When Mandy and I started this blog, the idea was to share photography with friends and family, but first and foremost to celebrate our own shared interest in photography. As a further celebration of ourselves, next week’s topic will be…


No duck face allowed.



Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: rock climbing. As Mandy mentioned last week, neither of us are avid sports fans, but we participate in lots of sports activities ourselves. Perhaps our favorite shared activity is indoor rock climbing (bouldering to be exact). And because we often rock climb together, we decided we could shoot our photos together.

Mandy and I have been climbing together for a little more than a year, working our way through increasingly difficult routes. The goal is to climb to the top using only the same colored hand and foot holds, and it can get really tricky. It’s easy to fall into an addiction to bouldering; the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top is exhilarating.

Those Guns

Those Guns by Mandy

That Hair

That Hair by Brent

Mandy and I are venturing to Western Washington into the land of Olympic National Park. It only makes sense that she would like to highlight our time together with next week’s topic: