So Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson by Brent

So Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson by Brent

“Meet Mylo. He’s been playing guitar for five years and was gracious enough to play and sing a song for me. His choice: ‘People II: The Reckoning’ by Andrew Jackson Jihad, a tune I hadn’t heard before, but was fantastic nonetheless. The photo title comes from the lyrics.

Despite my own love of music, I wasn’t feeling much inspiration to shoot this week. Perhaps it was laziness or lethargy setting in, but my first plan was to take some shots at a record store down the block (an easy out). The shots came out alright and Mandy made for a beautiful model, but it was obvious that my heart wasn’t in it. And then on my walk home this evening, Mylo helped put my head back in the game. His home for the night was going to be the corner of Pike and 11th. If you’re reading this Mylo — thanks for the inspiration. You’re awesome. Keep playing!” –B

Beans and Tunes by Mandy

Beans and Tunes by Mandy

Brent and I went to a Pickwick show with our friends Skyler and Kassi last week. I was feeling the post-show energy and felt inclined to pick music as our topic. If you haven’t heard Pickwick yet, I highly suggest you check them out because they are awesome. They are our go to soundtrack for dinner parties and just for lounging around the apartment. Anyway, back to this week. So, being a nursing student who cannot stay awake while studying at home, I am often found at a coffee shop around the neighborhood. It is general knowledge to those who know me that coffee and music are two simple pleasures that bring me great joy. Analog Coffee, a sweet little spot up the street, combines two of those great things into one. The record collection here is made by contribution from all of their baristas. It’s a great way to discover new music while indulging in a comforting cup of coffee. The baristas here are coffee bean and music connoisseurs, and it definitely shows.

Brent’s “big” idea for next week is:


Too obvious? Well, its 2:45am and I need to sleep.