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Letters in Lights by Brent

Letters in Lights by Brent

“When I think of letters, I think of signs. And when I think of iconic Seattle signs, the first thing that comes to mind is the Public Market sign. But it’s been shot to death by me by me and everyone else. So what’s the second most iconic sign in Seattle? I would wager that the gigantic spinning Elephant Car Wash sign ranks pretty highly. This monstrosity can be found at Denny and 99 and can be seen spinning and flashing 24/7/365. After taking the shot, I had to run to my car to avoid a parking ticket.” –B

Letters from Childhood by Mandy

Letters from Childhood by Mandy

I actually had this idea in my mind before I chose the topic for this week. I didn’t eat many SpaghettiOs as a child but alphabet soups are such a cute childhood food. It took way more effort to organize the letters in the soup without letting them sink than I thought it would. Did I eat it for lunch? Yes. Yes I did.

For two people who say they don’t enjoy watching sports, Brent and I actually participate in quite of few of them weekly. Maybe thats how he decided on the topic for next week:




Cone of Epic Proportion

Cone of Epic Proportion by Mandy

“I actually had a really difficult time trying to think of a creative photo for such a broad topic. Looking back, I actually don’t know why I thought of stacking scoops of ice cream, but I knew that it’d be a fun (and oh so messy) project. Poor Brent had ice cream running down all over his hand by the time I was done photographing. This photo was taken on top of the roof with some of downtown Seattle in the background. Curious about the flavors? From top to bottom: Vanilla Bean, Mint Chocolate Chip, Fudge Brownie, Strawberry, Cookie Dough, and Strawberry Rhubarb Ginger Sorbet. They were all delicious!” –M

Window Washers

Window Washers by Brent

I go into some weeks with an idea primed. This week’s photo was a product of opportunity and luck. With only a day left to find a shot, and with no ideas in mind, downtown Bellevue delivered me a break. The window washers at City Center Plaza definitely show off the building’s scale against the cloudy Spring sky.

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, but how many letters does that make? Let’s find out next week with Mandy’s topic:




So Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson by Brent

So Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson by Brent

“Meet Mylo. He’s been playing guitar for five years and was gracious enough to play and sing a song for me. His choice: ‘People II: The Reckoning’ by Andrew Jackson Jihad, a tune I hadn’t heard before, but was fantastic nonetheless. The photo title comes from the lyrics.

Despite my own love of music, I wasn’t feeling much inspiration to shoot this week. Perhaps it was laziness or lethargy setting in, but my first plan was to take some shots at a record store down the block (an easy out). The shots came out alright and Mandy made for a beautiful model, but it was obvious that my heart wasn’t in it. And then on my walk home this evening, Mylo helped put my head back in the game. His home for the night was going to be the corner of Pike and 11th. If you’re reading this Mylo — thanks for the inspiration. You’re awesome. Keep playing!” –B

Beans and Tunes by Mandy

Beans and Tunes by Mandy

Brent and I went to a Pickwick show with our friends Skyler and Kassi last week. I was feeling the post-show energy and felt inclined to pick music as our topic. If you haven’t heard Pickwick yet, I highly suggest you check them out because they are awesome. They are our go to soundtrack for dinner parties and just for lounging around the apartment. Anyway, back to this week. So, being a nursing student who cannot stay awake while studying at home, I am often found at a coffee shop around the neighborhood. It is general knowledge to those who know me that coffee and music are two simple pleasures that bring me great joy. Analog Coffee, a sweet little spot up the street, combines two of those great things into one. The record collection here is made by contribution from all of their baristas. It’s a great way to discover new music while indulging in a comforting cup of coffee. The baristas here are coffee bean and music connoisseurs, and it definitely shows.

Brent’s “big” idea for next week is:


Too obvious? Well, its 2:45am and I need to sleep.



Smoke, fog, and steam


Enchantment by Mandy

“This photo was taken at the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle. It’s a beautiful place to wander, especially on a rainy day like today. I asked my friend Marika to venture with me and pose for an enchanting photo. Magical isn’t it? Actually, it’s just some dry ice that I got for a surprisingly cheap price at the local QFC (that’s the grocery store here for all you folks who don’t live in Washington). Brings me back to my sixth birthday when my parents got me an ice cream cake with dry ice. I’ve always really loved the effect.” –M

Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors by Brent

It looks like this is another week where I got my ass kicked. This subject was a lot harder than I thought it would be! I had a great idea to do a double exposure combining smoke stacks and a foresty scene, but, much to my surprise, there are no smoke stacks anywhere near Seattle. I guess that’s a good thing. The industrial age ended and took my photo idea along with it. So, I bring you instead a photo that perhaps isn’t worth a thousand words, but at least has a play on words. Too bad the internet doesn’t have scratch-and-sniff: the incense smelled great.

Mandy’s subject for next week:

♪ Music. Sounds good.

– B


Evening Light by Brent

Evening Light by Brent

“Welcome to the roof of my building in Capitol Hill. Mandy’s topic choice of ‘Light’ was pretty broad, but I knew I was always fascinated with the form of old incandescent lightbulbs and I knew I wanted to incorporate one into my picture somehow. And what better way than to let a beautiful sunset light the scene?”–B

Illumination by Mandy

Illumination by Mandy

I had high hopes for this topic and had lots of ideas brewing in my head about what I would photograph. Sometimes the best photos are taken on a whim or, in my case, desperation. I had leftover sparklers from the last fourth of July and planned on using a model to take a fun firework inspired photo, but all my friends seem to lead very busy lives! As I was getting ready to step out the door to head to a bonfire with some friends, I took notice of the glass bottles I had saved for use of small flowers perched on my windowsill. An idea was born and I captured this cool effect of placing a sparkler in a bottle. The smoke is incredibly dense (and smelly). I was just happy that the smoke alarm didn’t go off in the stairwell.

Speaking of smoke, I am really excited about the topic that Brent chose for next week!

Smoke, fog, and steam.

Maybe he’ll let me reuse my photo from this week…