Market Streaks by Brent

Market Streaks by Brent

“The idea for this week’s photo comes straight from one of Mandy’s and my favorite Instagram photographers, Tyson Edwards. His past photos often featured downtown Seattle as well as light streaks. This shot was an 11 second exposure with streaks from several cars and one dump truck. Even at 11pm, Pike Place Market remains busy.” –B

When I Hit You Hit We Hit by Mandy

When I Hit You Hit We Hit by Mandy

Often times, while walking through the neighborhood, Brent and I will pass by Cal Anderson Park and watch the bike polo players. I find their style and hobby particularly inspiring and thought they’d be a great subject to shoot for motion. The little interaction I had with them left me feeling like they were a really nice and welcoming group of people.

My bright idea for next week’s topic is…


Get it?



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