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Market Streaks by Brent

Market Streaks by Brent

“The idea for this week’s photo comes straight from one of Mandy’s and my favorite Instagram photographers, Tyson Edwards. His past photos often featured downtown Seattle as well as light streaks. This shot was an 11 second exposure with streaks from several cars and one dump truck. Even at 11pm, Pike Place Market remains busy.” –B

When I Hit You Hit We Hit by Mandy

When I Hit You Hit We Hit by Mandy

Often times, while walking through the neighborhood, Brent and I will pass by Cal Anderson Park and watch the bike polo players. I find their style and hobby particularly inspiring and thought they’d be a great subject to shoot for motion. The little interaction I had with them left me feeling like they were a really nice and welcoming group of people.

My bright idea for next week’s topic is…


Get it?



The Seven Deadly Sins

This week, you chose the subject! Thanks again to all of our friends, family, and fans who submitted ideas. And a special thanks again to Francis Yao for the winning suggestion, The Seven Deadly Sins.

But seven is too many. Too deadly. So instead, Mandy and I each brought you two. Enjoy!

Southern Appetite

Gluttony: Southern Appetite by Mandy

“When I think of gluttony, I either think of a car filled with fast food garbage, or a magnificent feast of all the delicious things. I chose to portray the latter, though I was tempted to make a hilarious photo described by the former. I went on Yelp and searched for ‘BBQ ribs’ and found Manna’s Texas Style Smoked BBQ. After I took this photo, we feasted and it was glorious.” – M

Don't Walk Down This Alley

Wrath: Don’t Walk Down This Alley by Mandy

“This photo may look worthy of someone with a serious case of wrath, but we couldn’t stop laughing when we took this photo. You can imagine what it would look like for an unsuspecting passerby witnessing some girl jabbing a bloody broken bottle at a photographer in an alley. We accidentally scared the neighborhood cat who was too curious about our shenanigans with our uncontrollable cackling. I bought a six pack of Corona and carefully broke the bottle, then made some fake blood with a few simple kitchen ingredients. I think this photo may make my personal favorites list.

Thank you to my dear friend Natalie for being such a great sport about modeling for me. It was a fun (and delicious) day.” –M

The Grass is Always Greener

Envy: The Grass is Always Greener by Brent

Envy took me to the land of Legos… which apparently is in the Bellevue mall. Mandy helped me assemble this contrast of rich and poor (quite literally) and I was lucky enough to find a couple of $100 Lego bills in a box of miscellaneous bricks.

A Glutton for Cupcakes

Gluttony: A Glutton for Cupcakes by Brent

For the second week in a row, I was happy to pair photography with my sweet tooth. I identify well with gluttony, and I did my best to capture it in Mandy’s hungry eyes. The pink one on the right with sprinkles was the tastiest.

Next week’s subject should be a whirlwind. Brace yourselves for…


– B


Thank you to everyone for submitting a topic suggestion! There were some close contenders, but we ultimately chose: The Seven Deadly Sins, by Francis Yao! We think that this topic will be incredibly fun to do. However, tackling all seven sins would prove to be too challenging and this topic is just too fun to pick only one. We have both decided to do two sins each, one chosen by the other and the second as our own pick.

Now, back to this week’s topic: Texture.

Take a Closer Look by Brent

Take a Closer Look by Brent

“Textures come in all shapes and sizes. It is trees to a hillside, tread to a tire, or feathers to a bird. But when we zoom in a bit closer, we notice that some of the craziest landscapes are etched into common fruit. I planned this shot both as an interesting subject and as a tasty lunch.” –B

Sprinkles and Cake by Mandy

Sprinkles and Cake by Mandy

Photography has always been a passion of mine but so has baking. I’m more of a pie and cupcake kind of girl but occasionally I’ll try and tackle a cake. One of my fun aspirations for the distant future is to open up a cupcake shop once I retire from nursing (here’s to hoping!) One of the most important things about dessert, specifically cake, is the texture. I love incorporating different elements to any dessert; the moistness of the cake, the fluffy creaminess of the frosting, and the occasional sprinkle of fun.

Our sins for next week:

Brent: Envy and Gluttony

Mandy: Wrath and Gluttony

I think we may have mistaken this week for gluttony…



A quick reminder to everyone: Mandy and I are looking to our friends, family, and fans to choose an upcoming weekly theme. Get ahold of us in the comments section on this post (no sign-up necessary) to submit. There’s still time!

From My Happy Place

From My Happy Place by Mandy

“Brent and I flew to California to visit some friends and family this past week, and we had a blast. We are ready to head back to the rainy city and play with our kitty friend, Promo, whom we’ve missed so much. This photo was taken at my secret happy place. It’s always been a place of solitude for me at times of hardship and happiness while I was living in California. Less than a handful of those closest to me know of this place and I decided to take Brent here. Even though it was incredibly windy and rainy, we decided to venture here anyway and enjoyed the beach all to ourselves in the pouring rain. It was quite the adventure. Thank you to everyone who made time to spend with us.” –M

75 and Breezy

75 and Sunny by Brent

Maybe it’s the midwesterner in me coming out, but some of the greatest contrasts I always saw from California to my home state of Minnesota were the palm trees, red adobe roofs, and the perfect weather. While this photo wasn’t my most technical accomplishment ever, nor the most creative or artistic, it certainly embodies in my mind what California life is like. The shot was taken across the street from the beautiful Crystal Cove State Park in Laguna Beach.

Next week is going to be rough for both of us. Or smooth. We’ll see. Mandy chose the topic…


– B

Outtakes – Volume 3

Before we dive into the outtake shots for the previous month, Mandy and I have a request for our friends, family, and fans. We’d like to involve everyone in picking new weekly topics for the blog!

Here’s how to help: Get in contact with us either by responding to this blog post in the comments section below (no signup required) or by messaging us on Facebook, and tell us what you’d like us to photograph. Topics can be as specific or as abstract as you like. Mandy and I will collect all the results and reveal our favorites next week.

Thanks for playing along, and as always – thanks for viewing!

Week 9 – Green


“I had my heart set on taking a photo of our poppy plants for the topic ‘green’ , but as Brent and I were eating lunch on the couch one afternoon, I looked over and realized his face would help me accomplish taking an awesome photo. I ultimately chose the poppy plant over his eyes, but I’m glad I got to feature them in this week’s outtakes! ” –M

Week 10 – Imaginary


“Imaginary” was the topic I chose for week 10, and after doing so, I was at a loss for ideas. The photo above was my first attempt to create something interesting, and while it was fun to try some indoor light graffiti, and while I think the shot nailed the theme a bit better than my actual selection, I still wasn’t satisfied with the results. The imaginary light person was too much of a couch hog.

Week 11 – Superimpose


Mandy’s submission for “Superimpose” featured a photo of her pet rabbit taken on her Fujifilm Instax camera. The photo above, taken at Pike Place Market, used the same technique and equipment, but with my severed torso as her target instead. Mandy made me stand still for several minutes while she framed this one just right and waited for random passersby to clear out.


My selection for “Superimpose” was taken just around the corner from the shot above. When I was setting up beforehand, I found two old images that I thought would work well. The one featured in the photo above is from the mid-1970s and shows off the market sign as we know it today.

Week 13 – Inconspicuous


Perhaps still channeling her energy from the earlier “Green” topic, Mandy snapped this “Inconspicuous” outtake at Discovery Park. The little cups are called, “Urnula craterium” or “Devil’s Urn”. They are not only inconspicuous, but mysterious and deadly sounding.

Week 1 – Clean

Here’s a throwback all the way from our first week of blogging. As the site grew, I wanted to gain more viewership by adding my pictures to my own personal site as well as Facebook. Upon posting my Clean picture to Facebook, I was presented with this dialog:

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 2.01.46 PM