Beware of Cat by Brent

Beware of Cat by Brent

“Inspiration strikes at strange times. I was dreading this topic all week because I couldn’t come up with any ideas. It came down to the wire, but sure enough it struck: surely the internet needs more pictures of cats! I had to take my cat Promo (short for Prometheus) to the vet and he was curious about the carrier. The combination of a black cat and a dark space leaves the eyes to tell the story.” –B

Tiny Greenling

Tiny Greenling by Mandy

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been intrigued by the little details in life. That is probably the one thing I love most about photography- the inspiration to look a little deeper and a little more carefully at things most people would never notice. My style of photography has always centered around making the little things, well, greater. This photo was taken in Discovery Park in Seattle, which is my favorite park of all time with the exception of John Muir Woods in California. It really is one of the most inspiring and beautiful areas I’ve ever seen. I looked carefully at every little detail of every tree during my stroll and found this tiny greenling growing lonesome on a fallen tree trunk.

Brent and I are taking a vacation to visit our friends and my family this next week!

Guess where? It’s our next topic…



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  1. cathy

    Both pictures are so creative, and I think how you write about them seems poetic to me. Really well done – thanks for sharing your talents!

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