Beverly's Hasselblad

Beverly’s Hasselblad by Mandy

“This is a Hasselblad vintage camera gifted to me from my brother in-law, who received it as a gift from his mother, Beverly. Actually, his gift of generosity includes three vintage Hasselblad cameras with varying lenses, filters, and film. They currently sit on my shelf looking pretty and I haven’t had a chance to experiment with them, but I’d like to very soon. They all still work as they did over thirty years ago, when Beverly lived in South America. If only cameras could talk; I wonder what kinds of stories they would tell.” –M


Recursion by Brent

“So meta,” said Mandy last week. Little did she know. What you see is two generations of iPhones and a Canon 60D all partying together, taken with a third generation of iPhone. Queue the Inception theme music.

Inconspicuous: Mandy’s choice for next week. Would it fit the theme if I photo-bombed her shot?