Ben by Brent

Ben by Brent

“Green is a tricky subject. I think we take it for granted in our day to day lives. My idea this week was to show a new perspective of some of that daily life. That’s not to say I see hundred dollar bills every day (someday, perhaps), but money at the very least. To my surprise, money these days isn’t very green, but Photoshop took care of that problem.” –B

Poppy by Mandy

Poppy by Mandy

It’s no secret that this blog is a way for me and Brent to share our love for photography. We like to challenge each other. I think he enjoys it because it speaks to his competitive (but endearing) nature. However, our photography blog is not the first challenge we’ve presented to one another. About a year ago, we took a trip to the home improvement store, and landed our eyes on some pots and poppy seeds. We bet each other that we could grow a better plant than the other. Although my seeds sprouted first and looked promising (I definitely bragged), Brent’s plant endured through the summer, and even flowered, while mine shriveled and died. Eventually his died too.

We decided to give it another try this year! We planted our little seeds into our respective pots and willed them to grow. This photo is a product of my first sprout. Brent’s plant still hasn’t sprouted but history tells us that maybe it’s just a late bloomer.

Imaginary. Yep, that is what Brent chose for the topic this coming week. I am at a loss.



  1. Val

    The sprout is great but I’m really excited to see what you guys come up with for next week!

  2. cathy

    So artsy!!! i love the poppy and the $$$. Can’t wait to see next week’s – and bring on those outakes :)

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