Outtakes: Volume 2

Oh, how the time flies by! It’s been four weeks since the first outtakes post – time for the second installment. Once again, the following photos are a combination of “behind the scenes” shots and alternative theme selections.

Week 5 – Poverty


Mandy snapped this shot just around the corner from her original selection near Bread of Life in Pioneer Square.

Week 6 – One

Mandy had lots of great candidates for this theme (including a cameo from me):



Seattle is home to more than a few one way streets, and also to a handful of these wonderful sign alterations.

Week 7 – Liquid

Sometimes Mandy and I keep our photo subjects (and final edited shots) a secret until just before we post them. Other times, we ask each other for help. For my liquid shot, Mandy ran the ink while I shot the cup and bottle.



One drop escaped. Miniature Rorschach test perhaps?


Before Mandy moved on to shoot milk and cookies, she first captured the complex atmosphere inside of a simple cup of coffee.

Week 8 – Transportation


I originally scouted out the Dr. Jose Rizal Bridge as the spot for my transportation photo. While my final shot was taken instead in the nearby park, I did take some time to shoot the evening rush hour traffic.

Between us, we shot photos planes, boats, cars, and trucks. Mandy rounded out the list with these shots inside of a bus and the Westlake train station:



Thanks to everyone who has liked, commented on, or just plain viewed our photos. We’re blown away by all the love we’ve received from fans.