The Sea is Their Home

The Sea is Their Home by Mandy

“Being that Seattle is surrounded by three bodies of water, it’s no wonder that there are a ton of boats around here. This photo was taken on the Ballard Bridge, and I’ve always wanted to explore this area. One of the things I love most about Seattle is the sea life, which is very characteristic of the Ballard neighborhood.” –M

I-5 to Emerald City

I-5 to Emerald City by Brent

This shot was taken on Beacon Hill in Seattle at a park called Dr. Jose Rizal Park. I had heard of a bridge that offers a similarly fantastic view, and I thought it would be a perfect location for this week’s photo. Mandy and I checked it out and I spent a while shooting, but it was still too light out and I couldn’t find the right composition. Despite the bitingly cold wind, we decided to kill some time and take a walk into a nearby dog park. The park had fantastic views, all obstructed by an ugly chain-link fence, but a brilliant person (a photographer no doubt) had cut a hole in the fence large enough to stick my lens through. This final shot was a 20 second exposure capturing the evening I-5 traffic.

February is quickly coming to a close and Spring is just around the corner. Maybe Mandy had the changing seasons on her mind when she picked next week’s theme…



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  1. cathy scarcello

    I think both transportation photos are amazing! Mandy, yours inspires me to want to paint it :)

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