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Ben by Brent

Ben by Brent

“Green is a tricky subject. I think we take it for granted in our day to day lives. My idea this week was to show a new perspective of some of that daily life. That’s not to say I see hundred dollar bills every day (someday, perhaps), but money at the very least. To my surprise, money these days isn’t very green, but Photoshop took care of that problem.” –B

Poppy by Mandy

Poppy by Mandy

It’s no secret that this blog is a way for me and Brent to share our love for photography. We like to challenge each other. I think he enjoys it because it speaks to his competitive (but endearing) nature. However, our photography blog is not the first challenge we’ve presented to one another. About a year ago, we took a trip to the home improvement store, and landed our eyes on some pots and poppy seeds. We bet each other that we could grow a better plant than the other. Although my seeds sprouted first and looked promising (I definitely bragged), Brent’s plant endured through the summer, and even flowered, while mine shriveled and died. Eventually his died too.

We decided to give it another try this year! We planted our little seeds into our respective pots and willed them to grow. This photo is a product of my first sprout. Brent’s plant still hasn’t sprouted but history tells us that maybe it’s just a late bloomer.

Imaginary. Yep, that is what Brent chose for the topic this coming week. I am at a loss.


Outtakes: Volume 2

Oh, how the time flies by! It’s been four weeks since the first outtakes post – time for the second installment. Once again, the following photos are a combination of “behind the scenes” shots and alternative theme selections.

Week 5 – Poverty


Mandy snapped this shot just around the corner from her original selection near Bread of Life in Pioneer Square.

Week 6 – One

Mandy had lots of great candidates for this theme (including a cameo from me):



Seattle is home to more than a few one way streets, and also to a handful of these wonderful sign alterations.

Week 7 – Liquid

Sometimes Mandy and I keep our photo subjects (and final edited shots) a secret until just before we post them. Other times, we ask each other for help. For my liquid shot, Mandy ran the ink while I shot the cup and bottle.



One drop escaped. Miniature Rorschach test perhaps?


Before Mandy moved on to shoot milk and cookies, she first captured the complex atmosphere inside of a simple cup of coffee.

Week 8 – Transportation


I originally scouted out the Dr. Jose Rizal Bridge as the spot for my transportation photo. While my final shot was taken instead in the nearby park, I did take some time to shoot the evening rush hour traffic.

Between us, we shot photos planes, boats, cars, and trucks. Mandy rounded out the list with these shots inside of a bus and the Westlake train station:



Thanks to everyone who has liked, commented on, or just plain viewed our photos. We’re blown away by all the love we’ve received from fans.




The Sea is Their Home

The Sea is Their Home by Mandy

“Being that Seattle is surrounded by three bodies of water, it’s no wonder that there are a ton of boats around here. This photo was taken on the Ballard Bridge, and I’ve always wanted to explore this area. One of the things I love most about Seattle is the sea life, which is very characteristic of the Ballard neighborhood.” –M

I-5 to Emerald City

I-5 to Emerald City by Brent

This shot was taken on Beacon Hill in Seattle at a park called Dr. Jose Rizal Park. I had heard of a bridge that offers a similarly fantastic view, and I thought it would be a perfect location for this week’s photo. Mandy and I checked it out and I spent a while shooting, but it was still too light out and I couldn’t find the right composition. Despite the bitingly cold wind, we decided to kill some time and take a walk into a nearby dog park. The park had fantastic views, all obstructed by an ugly chain-link fence, but a brilliant person (a photographer no doubt) had cut a hole in the fence large enough to stick my lens through. This final shot was a 20 second exposure capturing the evening I-5 traffic.

February is quickly coming to a close and Spring is just around the corner. Maybe Mandy had the changing seasons on her mind when she picked next week’s theme…




Bottled Beads

Bottled Beads by Brent

“My idea for this week comes from a tutorial on 500px. Beads of ink are suspended in vegetable oil, and a little bit of manipulation in Lightroom makes the yellow hue fade away. I’d like to add more colors or items into the mix next time.” –B

Perfect Pair by Mandy

Perfect Pair by Mandy

I have to be honest and tell all of you that when I was trying to think of a topic last week, I was craving milk and cookies. Thus, the topic of “liquid” was born. My favorite pairing is a mint Oreo cookie dipped in milk, but I think chocolate chip cookies are more photogenic.

Brent chose a topic for next week that has already given me tons of ideas. I can’t wait to see what ideas are stirring in his head!




500px’s Weekly Monday Contest

Mandy and I certainly share a love of photography and we’re proud to present our blog as a product of our hobby, but the idea certainly isn’t unique to us. It so happens that, a popular photo storage, discovery, and marketplace site also holds weekly photo theme contests on their blog. It also happens that last week’s theme was “In Flight”, very similar to our third week topic. On a whim, I decided to submit my photo to their contest, and much to my delight, they chose it as one of their winners! It’s fun to see a part of sheanditakepictures make it deeper out onto the web for others to enjoy.



Pianist at Post Alley

Pianist at Post Alley by Mandy

“Brent and I wandered around downtown in search for my photo. I took a bunch of shots before we decided to head back home. As we were walking through Pike Place, Brent mentioned how the pianist on the corner was quite talented. The talent around downtown really is remarkable. It’s hard not to feel inspired simply by strolling around and being observant of the world around us.”  –M

Granny Gala

Granny Gala by Brent

My interpretation of “one” was “one of many”. The produce section at the local grocery store is home to vivid colors, so I figured it would make a great subject. Mandy and I trekked into QFC late at night to avoid crowds and protective employees, and I snapped this shiny shot. I bought an apple on the way out for good karma.

It’s already been six weeks since we started. Time is flying! Mandy picked next week’s topic…