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Pike and Broadway by Brent

“It’s a sad reality that my neighborhood streets are the home to a lot of homeless. I snapped this shot three blocks from my apartment facing the sunset. The man’s sign read ‘Hotchoclat Money Food’.” –B


Waiting for Bread by Mandy

I ventured into the Pioneer Square neighborhood in downtown Seattle to capture the overwhelmingly large impoverished population in photographs. I was out of my comfort zone not because of where I was, but because I struggled with the act of photographing those who might not want to be photographed. I definitely felt that I had to push myself to be open to being seen; I felt like an invader. I did manage to get several photographs that I think emulate some of the culture of Pioneer Square.

This photo of a homeless man was taken behind Bread of Life, which is an organization that helps the needy by providing temporary housing, food, clothing, and a safe place to learn skills to enable them to transition from homelessness into mainstream society. I heard about this organization through a nursing friend of mine, and I remember thinking that this place sounded like a great resource and safe haven for those who are less fortunate.

Brent chose a topic for this next week that is pretty broad. Not sure what direction he plans on taking with it, but here it is:



Outtakes: Volume 1

Mandy and I are now a month into our photo adventure, and it’s been a blast! While we’ve only presented four photos each so far, we’ve taken far more than that.

Today, I wanted to share some of the outtakes and behind-the-scenes shots from our first month of photography.

Week 1 – Clean


This shot didn’t quite make the cut, but it did demonstrate the theme pretty well.


Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how I took my photos.

photo 1

Mandy’s first attempt was taken in the shower.

Week 3 – Flight

As I said in the original post, I had thrown the same paper airplane at my camera over fifty times. Here’s a few of them.


This was my proof of concept shot, with my brother nearby for support.


An extreme close-up: it’s pretty cool how I managed to capture the plane in focus, but the motion blur and the position of the plane made this one a reject.

Week 4 – Reflection


I had a tough time choosing my final image. For the topic, this shot was a bit more obvious and deliberate, and the symmetry was cool, but I ultimately chose against it.

Mandy managed to capture a whole bunch of interesting reflection shots. Here are some of the best.


For this one, Mandy zoomed in on the mirror making for a fun outdoor self-portrait.


The orientation of this photo makes for a slightly disorienting, yet really enchanting illusion. Mandy suggested that the tree was reaching out for its reflection.


Last (but certainly not least), Mandy captured a couple of squirrels who looked as if they were looking at their own reflections.

As we dig deeper into the year and cover more topics, I’ll post more outtakes. If readers are interested, I may also post on our gear and favorite photo spots.



The Power of Invisibility by Mandy

The Power of Invisibility by Mandy

I took about 105 photos and narrowed down to five potential winners but alas, I chose this one. I ventured into Carkeek Park in Ballard with Natalie to experiment with a mirror I had laying around. Who knew I had the power of invisibility? If you ever get a chance to explore Washington, I’d suggest strolling around this park. I first came here when I did some volunteer work with EarthCorps to save some trees. It’s a beautiful place for tree lovers.” –M

Plane and Needle by Brent

Plane and Needle by Brent

What better segue to last week’s topic of flight into this week’s reflection! This shot was taken about a quarter mile from the base of the Space Needle using Seattle Children’s Theater and the evening sky as a backdrop.

We’re starting to build some good momentum! Next week’s topic, chosen by Mandy, sounds incredibly challenging and possibly a bit emotional:




Flight 53 by Brent

Flight 53 by Brent

“The Flight challenge came when I was up in Whistler, Canada. I wanted to go after skiers and snowboards on jumps, but the opportunity didn’t present itself. I took this selfie using a remote shutter in my left hand and about 50 attempts of throwing a paper plane at my camera on a tripod.” –B

Great minds think alike…

Flying High over I-5 by Mandy

Flying High over I-5 by Mandy

I needed to take advantage of my view from the street in front of my apartment, and decided that I wanted to use a paper airplane to emulate a plane flying over the city. As you can see…it didn’t quite work out the way I wanted it to! It was extremely windy and I had to take about 30 shots on my phone with my roommate holding the strings I sewed onto the plane. She got cold while sticking her arm out over the highway for such a long time and gave up so I ended up hanging it on the tree by the corner. Even though the photo doesn’t meet the idealized version in my head, I kind of like the “arts & crafts” look of this photo.

Brent has decided to read my mind and chose a topic I planned on proposing…


I hope it rains in the next week.



Lost in the Land of Nod by Mandy

Lost in the Land of Nod by Mandy

“My idea for this week’s photo evolved quite a bit over several days of brainstorming. My initial plan was to gather three of my friends with a map as a dedication to our friend Hao, since he is moving away to California. Unfortunately, Seattle gets dark before anybody gets off work so it was difficult to implement. I decided to go with a toy car and map instead. I ventured to the Land of Nod to buy a toy car and came across a rug that worked perfectly for my photo. I really like the child-like twist to the picture.” –M

Risky Business by Brent

Risky Business by Brent

My first plan was to go after street signs and painted arrows, but alas, Seattle is a rainy city and I wanted to stay dry. Creating a scene using Risk pieces and gameplay instructions (a synonym of “directions”) allowed for a fun, colorful composition.

Mandy dug deep and conjured up a challenging subject for next week…




Mr. Clean and His Friends

Mr. Clean and His Friends by Brent

“I’ve seen this cutout technique used before, and I thought it’d be fun to use it to add a character into my scene full of cleaning junk.” –B

Bubbles in My Jar by Mandy

Bubbles in My Jar by Mandy

I had an idea to use bubbles in my photo. After various attempts with four different kinds of soap, I finally was able to get the bubbles I wanted and put them in one of my favorite items: a mason jar.

Our topic next week chosen by Mr. Brent is…




One topic, one photo each

Mandy and I met just over a year ago. In that year, we spent a lot of time together talking about, observing, and (best of all) practicing photography. It was a simple hobby that gave us more incentive to spend time together, travel, and observe the life around us in a fresh light.

On the evening of our anniversary, and with the idea of new year’s resolutions fresh in mind, Mandy offered a challenge to us both — we would take turns choosing topics, and we would each take a weekly photo based on those topics. This would push us to try new techniques, learn from each other, and continue to engage in our favorite shared hobby.

This blog is our way of sharing. Visit weekly to see one topic and one photo from each of us.

Without further adieu, I present our first theme, chosen by Mandy: