Movies and TV

To Me

To Me by Mandy

“Thinking about a scene that I wanted to recreate from a movie was not a very difficult task, especially around the holidays. I make it a point to watch ‘Love Actually’ once a year around this time and even persuaded Brent to watch it with me last year (unfortunate for him). While I’ll admit its not the best movie out there, it definitely evokes a sense of nostalgia and warm spirit. This is probably the most notable scene from the movie (but I won’t ruin it for you in case you ever want to watch). This photo was taken outside of an Italian restaurant where we had just finished eating our Christmas dinner.” –M

Holy Pie

Holy Pie by Brent

As usual, I picked the latest theme without an idea in mind. I would need to come up with a subject, and my own personal movie collection was the best place to go for inspiration. The one that caught my eye right away was American Pie. While highly perverted, I’d still consider the movie a strong classic, and certainly better than Love Actually. I figured I could take an easy (and entertaining) photo, or at the very worst, get a pie out of the deal. Mandy was gracious enough to whip one up amidst her busy pre-holiday schedule.

Mandy picked the perfect theme to bring our year in photos to a close:

She and I. Mandy and Brent. Us.



Corkhenge by Brent

Corkhenge by Brent

“After Thanksgiving dinner, our family is known to play some cards. One particular card game we play is called ’31’. In this game, you’re given four ‘lives’ and the last player alive wins. Because my brother stores his wine cork collection in close proximity to his cards, the corks often become the life counters. Over the course of this game, as players slowly got eliminated, I re-created this first wonder of the world. This was my first sheani photo taken with an iPhone 6 — pretty impressive quality.” –B

Before we delve into my photo blurb below, I’d like to add that I won that game of 31. :)

Nest of Jelly Belly by Mandy

Nest of Jelly Belly by Mandy

I am often impressed by some of the photographers that I follow on Instagram, especially the talented Brock Davis. He creates pieces of art by transforming ordinary items into something else entirely. Brent and I are both consistently inspired by his work and thus, I decided to draw creativity from Brock’s art by creating a little nest from dried flowers and painting several jelly beans into mini eggs. I placed the little nest onto a plant in the apartment. I have a whole new appreciation for the tedious work of nest-building. It was not easy, but it was definitely a lot of fun.

I guess we’ve been on kind of a movie binge lately, perhaps that is why Brent decided to choose a topic:

Movies and TV – recreate a scene from a movie or TV episode.

Any actors out there that wanna help me out?



Burnin' Love

Burnin’ Love by Mandy

“Not only did Brent and I get to attend a beautiful beach ceremony and eat some scrumptious food at a touching reception, but we also danced the night away at a beach bonfire with the bride and groom. It was such a fun night roasting s’mores, sipping piña coladas, and dipping our toes into the beautiful waters when it got a little too hot. It was the perfect way to end an amazing day filled with love and new friendships.” –M

Isle Aisle

Isle Aisle by Brent

Mandy’s photo was taken about 8 hours after mine in exactly the same spot. By day, we got to watch our close friends walk down the aisle and get married under the sun. By night, we ventured back onto the beach to dance around the bonfire.

Unsatisfied with reality, Mandy chose a topic for next week that forces us to re-imagine props as something new. Think: popcorn as fluffy clouds high above a tree of broccoli. She calls it:




Snoqualmie Falls by Brent

Snoqualmie Falls by Brent

“When Mandy picked the topic ‘Fall’, I fully expected to snap a shot of the beautiful colorful leaves of the Pacific Northwest. But then I had the idea to metagame the subject. If Mandy wasn’t specific enough to choose ‘Autumn’, then I’m going to take liberty to interpret her words as I please. So this brings us to Snoqualmie Falls. I’ve been to this place a ton of times already, but always to the top of the falls. This time, Mandy and I went down below, beyond the caution signs, and out on the rocks at the base. I’ve been trying to get better at taking shots of people and Mandy was gracious enough to be my subject.”

Fungitown by Mandy

Fungitown by Mandy

I have been waiting for Fall to arrive since last Winter. There is something so deeply comforting, peaceful, and beautiful about this season. From pumpkin pies to a cuddling up on the couch in a cozy blanket, so much is to be enjoyed in Fall. I love to watch the leaves slowly change, feel the crunching of leaves under my boots while taking a full breath of crisp air, sip on hot chocolate, and bundle up in warm clothing. I took my camera with me to Discovery Park with Brent to look for my favorite thing to photograph: fungi. We went from tree to tree, searching the forest floor for various types of fungi for me to photograph. Last Fall, I started a collection of moss and mushroom photos and I decided that I would have to continue cultivating this collection. They seem to grow most plentiful in Fall which is why I have decided to highlight them. I saw this little one growing lonesome on a small mound of moss with fallen leaves  all around it and I knew it was perfect.

We have a very exciting week ahead of us! Our dear friends Skyler and Kassi are getting married in a very photogenic place. Thus, we had to pick the topic…





Cheerio! by Mandy

“I ate the cereal this morning.” –M


Lanterns by Brent

Perhaps the most common example of personification in every day life is the bizarre yearly tradition of humans carving faces into pumpkins. The batch you see before you came from a carving party Mandy and I hosted for our friends. The cyclops on the left was created by Skyler, the very same guy seen modeling on my Red photo. The toothy two-face in the middle is my latest creation, while Mandy created the enchanting firefly scene on the right.

Mandy will be on vacation next week, but we’re going to try to find time when she gets back to catch up on photos. She chose the next topic:

Pumpkins arrive at Halloween. And Halloween arrives during…




Gigi by Brent

Gigi by Brent

“Mandy chose the topic ‘dog’. That’s great! Except… we don’t have a dog. So we had to go borrow some. We went to Magnusson Park where there is a ton of room for dogs to play in an off-leash area. This smiling beauty is Gigi, enjoying a neck scratch from Mandy. Look close and you can see my pair of selfies.” –B

Winnie by Mandy

Winnie by Mandy

I haven’t had my camera with me for the past couple of weeks, I am sad to say, and when I finally decided to take it out for some fresh air, I found out that the battery was dead as soon as we pulled up to the park. Womp womp. Thankfully, I had my Olloclip lenses with me so I could take a fisheye shot of this cutie named Winnie with my phone. Upon entering the park, we noticed that there were three adorable french bulldogs frolicking around together and I went straight to the owner and asked if we could socialize with her pups. Gigi and Winnie are half sisters. I really wanted to get a shot of all three sister pups together but they are mighty energetic and there was no way to get the three of them to stay still for a photo. Winnie was the quiet, subdued, and attached pup but oh so adorable. Just look at that face.

Speaking of faces…

Brent’s chosen topic for next week is: Personification.

Repeat History

Welcome back, friends, family, and fans! Mandy and I felt terrible for being away for so long, but sometimes life catches up and takes away time for hobbies. That said, we’re excited to jump back in and we plan to make up for the last couple weeks by releasing photos on a much tighter schedule for the next couple of weeks. So, without further adieu…

The Michiganders

The Michiganders by Mandy

“Brent and I flew to Michigan to celebrate the union between his old roommate, Dave, and Dave’s beautiful bride, Erin. Brent, with his old roommates Greg, Nick, Jim, and Jim’s wife Tiffany, showed me and Shelley around their old stomping grounds. Here we are in the EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) building at University of Michigan where these guys used to spend all their time (well, not Brent, as he hardly ever went to class, because he’s so… smart). Seeing a little of Brent’s past and hearing anecdotes about their favorite places was a ton of fun. It felt like I went back in time to see just how all of these guys lived back then. Ann Arbor is a really beautiful town and it made me nostalgic about my own college days.” –M

Little I <3 you Mom!

Little I ❤ you Mom! by Brent

Big I <3 you Mom!

Big I ❤ you Mom! by Brent

Unlike Mandy, I sought to repeat history by choosing an actual photo to recreate. When I chose this topic, I had no particular photo in mind, but I knew that I wanted to choose a childhood photo. My parents took lots of pictures of the family growing up and they later spent a great deal of time scanning and organizing those photos.

Of the photo I settled on, I have no memory, but it still felt like it had lots of potential. Judging by the card, it must’ve either been Mother’s Day or Valentines Day. The delectable snack in front is “ants on a log”, a nickname for celery, peanut butter, and raisins. I used Photoshop to recreate the card and tried to match the flower colors to some from the local farmer’s market.

Mandy must be sick of taking pictures of cats and bunnies. She switched up the next topic with:

Dog. Dog dog dog.

Happy wagging!



Props by Brent

Props by Brent

“To stay true to Mandy’s topic of ‘photobooth’, we decided to go as authentic as possible. A quick trip to the fabric store, and some meticulous hand-sewing by Mandy, and voila! We had a backdrop. If you couldn’t already tell, I just grabbed random props from around my apartment for use in each frame.” –B

The Many Faces of Dusty by Mandy

The Many Faces of Dusty by Mandy

When Brent and I attended our friends’ wedding last weekend, we seized the opportunity to take a bunch of photos in the photobooth. There is something so special and nostalgic about sitting in a private booth and unleashing our silliest selves. As usual, I used Dusty as my muse. I placed her on top of a small box and kept snapping pictures of her movements. After uploading the images onto my laptop, I saw the last photo and seriously lost it. I am so happy I got that shot.

Brent decided to present a pretty challenging concept to photograph for this week:

Repeat History (do a modern-day recreation of an old photo).



Love in Red

Love in Red by Mandy

“Brent and I had the pleasure of attending our friends’ Doug and Dona’s wedding. Held at the famed Cuoco restaurant by Tom Douglas (one of their favorite chefs), the reception was filled with fragrant red roses, the bride was wearing a stunning red gown that she designed herself, and the scrumptious cake was topped with beautiful red flowers. Doug and Dona are two of the most charismatic people I’ve ever met, and dually talented as well. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful day with us, Doug and Dona!” –M

3-Ball, Corner Pocket

3-Ball, Corner Pocket by Brent

As I do on a pretty regular basis, I found myself at the local pool hall this weekend with a few friends. It’s rare that I use models in my photos, but this one seemed like it was warranted to bring some intensity, and also to show my perspective as I cream Skyler at pool.

Doug and Dona’s wedding helped inspire Mandy to choose an under-represented format of photography. Next week, we’ll be taking photos as if from a…

Photo Booth.



Beer, Beer, Barbecue, and Beer by Brent

Beer, Beer, Barbecue, and Beer by Brent

Sorry folks for the late photo. This weekend I flew to Michigan to celebrate my former roommate Dave’s bachelor party. Not only did traveling and partying take away photography time, but I also had to work the weeknights to make sure I accomplished enough before leaving. I was forced to think of a senses photo on the road. And as so many do at bachelor parties, I decided to focus on the lack of senses instead.” –B

I Smell Pie By Mandy

I Smell Pie By Mandy

I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands as of late. This means that I get to indulge in some of my favorite things, like cooking. One of Brent’s favorite desserts is cherry pie so needless to say, I bake cherry pie quite a bit. I think one of the reasons why some people enjoy cooking so much is because it really does involve all the senses. The feel of dough in your hands, the sound of sizzling tart cherries, the sight of a golden brown crust, the buttery sugar smell slowly filling the room, and of course, the taste of the first bite. As you can see, Promo shares my sentiments exactly.

The topic that Brent chose for next week is also the name of one of my favorite Chevelle songs.

Hint: It’s a color.

Have you guessed? That was a very easy hint.

Red. Seeing red again.